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Did You Know?? Cruise Balmoral – La Coruna Tours for Cruisers.  The Cruise Balmoral was chartered on 15 April 2012 by Miles Morgan Travel to follow the original route of the Titanic, intending to stop over the point on the sea where the Titanic sank, to honor the 100th anniversary. The Balmoral set sail from Southampton on Easter Sunday 8 April 2012, covering the same route than this majestic ship

A memorial service was held onboard culminated in three floral wreaths being cast overboard. Balmoral remained at the location overnight and then departed early the following morning, with the intention of reaching the Titanic ‘s intended destination of New York.

Hercules Tours – La Coruna Tours for Cruiser – Celebrity Eclipse. Last Monday 19th , we had the pleasure of seeing in our city one of the most compromised boat with the environment. This cruise ship, which offers service to nearly 3,000 people , is able to move its almost 300 meters long and 122000 tons of the most environmentally friendly way .

Equipped with photovoltaic system , an optimized hull design , highly efficient hull coatings and lighting system using light emitting diodes , this top class cruise save 30 % more energy than other similar ships.

The 30th of this month  we will again enjoy one of the most modern ships in the world and will tell more anecdotes and stories that surround it.

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Hercules Tours Notice for the tours for cruisers in Vigo!! Dear friends, for reasons beyond the control of Hercules Tours, after four months operating in Vigo, we have had to postpone our services of tours for cruisers in this city. We are working to provide you as soon as possible the experience of discovering the city of Vigo with us again. Meanwhile , we continue working regularly in the city of La Coruna.

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