Fuente de los surfistas por Rutas Coruña

Hercules Tours is a company that offers guided panoramic city tours in La Coruna and active tourism services to the most emblematic places of Galicia. You can choose one of our designed routes or ask for an exclusive one, we can design it as you wish.

We are a young Company, composed by local and qualified staff, with good knowledge of the culture, traditions and stories that will help you discover not only aspects of the sights, also the daily life of the inhabitants of Galicia.


Obviously, as a company dedicated to this activity, we must comply with some professional ethics:

  • Punctuality of our tours and commitment of our staff in fulfilling their obligations.
  • Respecting the people with whom we live and work, adapting to the multicultural and special needs of our customers; such as age or personal physical condition.
  • Respecting the environment of the places we visit, being aware of the need to preserve natural resources.
  • Business integrity and professional competence, provide adequate safety to our customers and employees and complying with the laws of our community.

Apart from that, we want to differentiate ourselves of other companies that perform a similar tours with our philosophy of …

  • You are our reason for being. With effort, empathy and commitment trying to be closer to you.
  • We don´t like a standard tour. We want our tours become an attraction and unique experience for you, accompanied by professionals who will show you more than just tourist destinations.
  • We want you to be happy with us. It is our marketing strategy, we know the best advertising is word of mouth; we want you to tell your friends and family about your unique experience.
  • We invite you to keep smiling. We do not forget you are enjoying holidays, therefore we intend to create a warm and charming atmosphere.